The Fungus Among-Us

Do you suspect mold in your attic? Wonder why it’s there? Don’t just clean it! Stop it from happening again. Most likely its due to poor air sealing. Yes attics need ventilation to the outdoors typically, however thats not what causes the fungal growth. Humid Indoor air migration from your living space to the attic which condenses on the sheathing is the most common cause… but usually the last thing fixed. Did you know that your body puts about a 1.25 liters of water a day into the air in your home just from breathing and sweating? or that a family of 4 can put about 3.5 gallons of water into your indoor air on a normal day? Mold only needs 3 things to grow. Mold spores (they are everywhere) organic material (dust on your walls is enough) and moisture. All you can combat is the moisture. Get rid of the moisture feeding the mold, and you get rid of the mold. Simple as that. Next time you have mold remediation done in the attic ask if they solved the problem, or did they just prolongue the inevitable.