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Inspection Pricing

Our Inspection Prices

Single Family Home Inspection

Single family home inspections. See our “Standards of Practice” tab for what that includes.


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Condominium Inspection

Condominium inspections for an individual unit of a multi unit complex.


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Duplex/Multifamily dwelling Inspection

Duplex or Multifamily home inspection where we inspect more than one living space on the property.


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Mobile Home Inspection

Mobile home inspections that cover the specific needs of a manufactured home.


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Radon Air Testing

We use state of the art methods and cannisters to provide the most accurate results.


during an Inspection

Standard Water Testing

Includes one report (Fluoride, Chloride, Nitrites, pH, Hardness, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Lead,Arsenic, Coliform, E.Coli)


during an Inspection

Radon in Water Testing

Separate from the standard water test. It tests for Radon levels in the drinking water. (Recommended if Radon air levels are high)


during an Inspection

Well Flow Testing

We offer Well Flow Tests and Well Inspections as well as a Limited Flow Test ( Holding Tank Draw Down)


during an Inspection

Septic Evaluations

If you are purchasing a home with a septic tank, we suggest a full evaluation during your home inspection


Pricing varies by location