Request a Virtual Walkthrough

We are now offering virtual home walkthroughs for single systems or a whole home inspection! Get advice and information from a professional without any contact. Once you book this service, the process is simple. We will send you an appointment confirmation with step-by-step instructions for submitting your photos and/or video(s). We’ll take a look at everything you send over.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Book your virtual walkthrough. We are offering these convenient services for a one-time fee. Virtual Home Inspection: $125 and Single System Virtual Inspection: $55.
  2. Receive your appointment confirmation and review the step-by-step instructions. We’ll send you an appointment confirmation with step-by-step instructions for capturing and uploading your photos and/or video(s).
  3. A professional will review your submission. One of our certified home inspectors will review the contents included in your submission prior to our appointment.
  4. Talk to a home inspector about your home and discuss their professional observations. During the virtual appointment you’ll receive after viewing photos and videos, one of our home inspectors will walk you through their professional observations and offer some recommended next steps.

Choose Your Service

Single System Home Inspection

Perfect for those who are looking for more information about a specific system within a building.

Full Virtual Home Inspection

Thorough consultation that will go over the entire home.

What to Expect: Step-by-Step Process

A Home Inspector in Your Pocket

Virtual Consultations for a single system or whole building – Our virtual consultations are like having a home inspector in your pocket. All you’ve got to do, is take out a phone, take some pictures and videos, and upload them to our system! You’ll be provided information about a single system or an entire building.

How to Take Photo and Video

Step 1. Take photos and videos.

How to take photos and videos for a virtual home inspection:

  • Have your video rolling as much as possible. Be sure the home is well lit and the video captures clear detail.
  • The best way to take photos and videos:
    • Gather images or a video of the front and sides of all systems like water heaters, boilers, furnaces, air conditioners.
    • Gather images and video of all devices of these systems.
    • Be sure to include any and all labels, stickers, and serial numbers if possible.
    • Take videos and photos of systems up close as well as far away, getting the whole system in the shot.
    • Be aware of systems and devices you cannot take images and photos of during a walkthrough.

Step 2. Upload them to our system.

After selecting your package, you’ll be provided all the details on how to do this!

Step 3. We’ll meet for 15 mins – 1hr (depending on your needs) virtually to go over all the details.

This includes issues we might have located or if anything came up during the inspection.